Online Journal of International Case Analysis, Vol 1, No 2 (2008)

McDonald’s Ongoing Marketing Challenge: Social Perception in India

Walfried Lassar, Smita Kulkarni


It was a busy day at the Mumbai Central Station in India, marked with the usual rush of passengers.  A large group of passengers was ready and anxiously awaiting to board their respective trains. Porters in their red uniforms were seen carrying baggage to help the travellers. Food vendors, bookstalls, newspaper sellers... It was a mini marketplace. A family with two kids arrived in an air conditioned car two hours earlier then their scheduled departure. After they entered the train station, the humid weather, the typical odour at the railway station and the crowd made them uncomfortable. With a bored look, the children looked around and suddenly shrieked with joy. Excited, they indicated a sign to their parents. It was the Golden Arch of McDonalds. Smiling, the family entered Ronald’s place, McDonald’s, for a great time before they boarded the train. They were sure that that the experience would be wonderful like the ones they had during their earlier visits to McDonald’s at other locations in India and abroad.

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