About the Journal

Our Uniqueness

Our journal is unique because of its...

  • Focus on international business issues in global locations with unusual dilemmas either because of conflict, remoteness, insufficiency, or unusual challenges.
  • Cases written in a foreign language, and
  • "Glimpses" section featuring personal anecdotes and reflections on various global issues.

Glimpses provides a quick insight into locations, people and business situations at a moment in time when critical events are occurring. It's about events that changed the perspectives of those who tell the story. It's about true stories, told in words and pictures, that you find yourself thinking about hours and perhaps days later... and retelling to others.

Teaching notes and discussion questions can be found with cases oriented for classroom use, while other cases may be oriented more toward theory building. Authors are encouraged to include visual and interactive materials to make full use of the capabilities of electronic publishing.

OJICA is published at Florida International University, Miami, Florida USA and sponsored by CIBER, the Center for International Business Education and Research.